Courses Offered

The length of the courses listed below will depend on the depth to which the subject is to be covered and the knowledge level of the attendees. Where a time has been given it is for previous courses.  Bespoke courses are offered if the client gives an outline of the subjects and level required. References are available upon request.  We can also tailor the courses to suit the working practices of employees, eg, only morning sessions so that staff are not away from their desks for more than half a day.

  1. Introduction to Marine Surveying and Consultancy (1 day).
  2. Introduction to Marine Warranty Surveying (3 days).
  3. Introduction to Cargo Surveying (3 days).
  4. Hatch cover courses to ship management companies (1 day).
  5. Marine and Technical Superintendent’s course for ship management companies (2 days).  This is both technical and motivational.
  6. Report writing seminars for ship management companies and marine surveying professional associations (1 day).
  7. Running a survey company seminar (1 day).
  8. Ship repair contract management.
  9. Heavy lift operations.
  10. An introduction to ships (half day)
  11. Speed and angle of blow assessment in ship collisions (1 day).
  12. Management practice lectures to senior and middle management teachers.
  13. A comparison of professional codes of ethics/conduct (half day).
  14. Different types of ship condition surveys (half day).
  15. Container Lashing Failure Surveys and Failure Assessment (half day).
  16. Carriage of reefer containers (half day).
  17. An introduction to LPG carriers (half day).
  18. Lashing of deck cargoes, particularly pleasure craft (half day).
  19. Stowage of steel cargoes (half day).
  20. Risk assessment surveys (half day).
  21. Expert witness reports (half day).
  22. Marine Risk Management (2 days)
  23. An Introduction to Marine Warranty Surveying (1 day)
  24. Ballast Control Operator.
  25. Ballast Water Management Technology.
  26. Ballast Water Treatment System Retrofits.
  27. Bulk Liquid Cargo Operations, Claims and Transport.
  28. Cargo Surveying Masterclass (3 days).
  29. Container Shipping, including lashing failures.
  30. Carriage of reefer and IRC containers.
  31. Hull & Machinery Insurance and Claims Seminar.
  32. KPIs for Shipping.
  33. Loadout Managing Maritime Accidents and Emergencies.
  34. Marine Engineering.
  35. Marine Insurance.
  36. Marine Pollution Prevention and Management.
  37. Marine Salvage Law.
  38. Maritime Disputes & Arbitration.
  39. Maritime Energy Management.
  40. Maritime Safety Management.
  41. Maritime Trade & Transport.
  42. Naval Architecture.
  43. Ship Operations Ship.
  44. Performance Monitoring and Energy Management.
  45. Ship Repair Contract.
  46. Ship Sale and Purchase.
  47. International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG
  48. Marine Hazards Prevention & Control.
  49. Load out course (2 days).